Just a reflection about going to hell. Many a time, people dissatisfied with us for some reason might utter ‘Go to Hell.’ Perhaps, one need not too much bother about such expressions. For one thing, no one, including those who shout at us, knows what is hell. Secondly, it is not as though they have themselves gone to hell, lived there for some time,suffered and found it unbearable to continue there. For all they say,conditions there might be really fine too(?)

Why I am saying so is, I have read something about an Italian poet,Dante, who,while describing hell, says at the entrance of the hell is written: ‘abandon all hopes ye who enter.’ Do not conclude that it is because of what is inside for you. It could as well be to prevent your entry, it could as well be to frighten you about what awaits you there, it could as well be that it is already full and further new entry is to be banned.

Well, when I say it could be due to full house, it could mean that many of our netha
log are already there and enjoying too with their colleagues, shaking hands, saying cheers with glasses in their hands, laughing and dancing, and hopefully with their bags full of black money they would have amassed which could not be detected by ED, CBI etc. while on earth, who would have least suspected they have to probe this location also. These thoughts may have made them (who were lucky to be the early birds to fill this place,bribe there too, their gate-keeper, who would have come out with this nice idea of the so-called banner at the entry gate. I guess only, one such gate! Otherwise, if some others who go there, who happen to be too honest, upright,uncorrupt, they are more likely to spoil their party inside.

You may be wondering, you too can try to join them some day. But don’t be in a haste, because for all your good qualities you may still wrongly land up there! You deserve a much better place. Didn’t Shakespeare say,’there are more things in heaven and earth
(you may be less interested in the latter now, perhaps) Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy’?

The only difference between hell and heaven is, as many of you may have read, is in hell all are seated in one row with food placed far away and with long spoons in their hands, while in heaven people are seated in two rows opposite to each other and with food placed as in hell and long spoons in their hands, so that the one opposite can feed you and vice versa.

So, when someone says to you ‘go to hell’, simply forget. Continue your good work, and you may as well land up in heaven!

All these may yet be imaginary, because while missions have been launched to probe the moon, mars etc, technology has not yet advanced to launch such missions to such other worlds (if at all they exist), to probe what all lie there.


About cvsubramaniam

Former Director, Department of Electronics & Informatiin Technology, Government of India.. Authored Book on Human Resource Management. Published 80 plus articles on HR, Management, S&T, general topics.
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