Sachin – the only Rival to Lod Indra!

Sachin – the only Rival to Lord Indra!

(by C.V. Subramaniam)

After having scored 99 centuries, each time he walked on to the pitch, the very name SACHIN must have spurred him to score the hundredth century, for the letters in his name could read:

Century of
Is to be done

And, he has finally DONE IT. The many failures in ninety’s that he has had did not deter him to work towards that coveted milestone, and he has now become, to quote the Narayaneeyam, (the treatise on Lord Krishna), the only ‘sathamaghan’ in the history of cricket – meaning one who has completed a hundred ‘aswamedha yagas’, which only Lord Indra could achieve – because he deliberately spoilt the efforts of Emperor Prithu, who also wanted to equal that record, (by getting the horse meant for the ‘yaga’ stolen each time) and the latter had to be content with the title of holder of the record for performing only 99 aswamedha yagas.

While Sachin did not have to worry about any Lord Indras on this earth, who had already performed this feat, there were many villains in his failed attempts , wanting to play the ‘horse-stealing’ role and they succeeded too. And, Lord Indra, perhaps did not mind Sachin becoming a ‘sathamghan’, since Sachin has been only playing cricket, and in all probability, Lord Indra too would have watched from above someone achieving this feat ‘in an altogether different field of human endeavor.’ That is not to underrate Sachin’s efforts, since each of his hundreds scored is a Yaga in itself, performed with devotion, determination, dedication and delight.

There have been talks for some time about the conferment of the Bharat Ratna on Sachin, which would make him a real jewel (Ratna ) in the country, and which he rightly deserves. Irrespective of whether this happens or not, he is more than a Bharat Ratna,; he is indeed a ‘Viswa Ratna’ – a jewel I’n the entire world (of cricket history), for he would certainly deserve to be honored and remembered thus, since he will be the only Lord Indra in cricket for years to come.

His hundred hundreds will always remain etched in the minds of his countless fans as hundred glittering rays radiating in hundred directions from this ‘gem of purest ray serene’ – such will be the glow emanating from this gem. I’n all probability, he will continue to play and may very well surpass even the current milestone and thus turn to be a rival for Lord Indra!! We all wish him continued success and do hope that even Lord Indra, rather than frown upon Sachin’s achievement, would only bestow his blessings. At the same time, while he may be hoping to continue playing, he should also plan quitting honorably, without waiting for the time to come ‘for the batsman homeward plods his weary (due to age) way.’


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