WoW, I have published my Book ‘Seeing Opportunities Through Your Mind’

WoW, My Book ‘Seeing Opportunities Through Your Mind’ is Published!!

Writings – failures and success

Very often some power works unknown to us, may be for good. It could happen to you, to me, and anybody. I happened to see a write up I’n HT Cafe a few weeks ago, where a writer was narrating his struggle and success regarding his writings. He had sent his first novel (which turned out to be a best seller, and was published later by Westland Publishers) to over 200 publishers all of whom either rejected or didn’t bother to reply even. He did not stop at that.

The Krishna Key

After finding out details regarding ‘self-publishing’ he took the plunge – self publish through And, lo, his first novel, the Rozabal Line was published!! He would not have, at that time thought that his writings would find ready publishers and that too they would become famous. His next novel, a super thriller The Krishna Key, published by Westland became a best-seller again!

The Saraswathi Key

I was somewhat thrilled and bought a copy of The Krishna Key and started reading.
Half way through, I seemed to have found the KEY (I would call it the Saraswathi Key, since it gave me the knowledge for publishing my work) for making the manuscript of my own book a published work. I could soon find another cheaper publisher,, for self-Publishing my book ‘Seeing Opportunities through your Mind’ and decided to take the plunge.

Self-Publishing, I’n short

All that I had to do was send the manuscript to them, get it formatted (use their services), get a cover designed by them (again using their services) and giving approval for these. All I had to spend was a little over Rs. 4000/-. And, behold my joy on seeing my book I’n a published, print form. The book would be sold through them and their partner channels. Depending upon the actual sales, you stand to at least (hopefully) recover your costs and breake-even (not break?) and with a little luck, make some gain. My decision to self-publish my book, true to it’s title, also meant seeing opportunities through my mind. Agree?

My Book Published!

Thanks to GConnect, I had published An Autobiographical Account of My Career
which, I am sure, readers would have found interesting and motivating too. This belief of mine is based on many telephone calls that I had received from my colleagues and friends congratulating me on this effort. I had also published a few articles on GConnect. Encouraged by all this, I have now published a book with the title given above, so that the material is available in a print form. Apart from the career account, this book also has 20 articles on HR covering various topics of current interest – talent management, developing skills, performance appraisal and so on.

Why Read this Book?

I’n my view, the opportunities that I had received played a crucial role in achieving success in my career – from a humble beginning as a stenographer, Through this book of mine, I expect the readers to also get motivated by grabbing opportunities that come their way and benefiting from them. I am sure all those working in the Ministries/Departments of GOI and their various units, particularly the administrative personnel, will find this book very useful, by creating in them the urge to excel.. No need to say that the libraries of these organizations will find this book a valuable addition to their collection.

The book is priced at Rs.220/- and can be ordered directly from


About cvsubramaniam

Former Director, Department of Electronics & Informatiin Technology, Government of India.. Authored Book on Human Resource Management. Published 80 plus articles on HR, Management, S&T, general topics.
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