Apple All the Way!

Apple all the way

According to Steve Jobs, the logo of Apple company of a partially bitten apple represented a bite of the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge (reference to the Bible) and bite also could represent ‘byte’, a reference to computer technology.

A question arose I’n my mind as to what other ways one could explain: ‘why a partially eaten apple?’ Well, there could be several ways.. Already eaten, would mean it is worth eating and relished by the founder of Apple Computers. Why leave the remaining part? The answer could be that ‘it is so tasty and now it is all for you’ – apple lovers to eat, to enjoy, to relish, that is, whatever product Apple brings out is for the masses to enjoy.The eaten part is much less compared to what is left un-eaten. That shows the ‘joy of giving’ part. Let every one enjoy, could have been the message, the founder thought of conveying.

Apple has perhaps been chosen, because of its importance among the fruits. Perhaps, Steve must have thought of the saying ‘an apple a day…’, since Apple’s launches of it’s products used to come I’n quick succession, about which every one is aware.

Again, eating apple is one way of staying healthy. So too, using apple products keeps one healthy in mind I’n terms of technology and ease of use. No wonder, people always make a mad rush for new launches by Apple every time.

As for me, the iPad (though only the first version) one of its wonder gadgets, contributed a great deal I’n terms of helping me typing out fifty odd articles and a partial autobiography of my career ( all within a period three months) – that too by a totally computer illiterate person, till then. Thanks a lot Steve for opening up my inactive, dormant mind again. I enjoy every moment of my using the iPad.

Alas, an apple (product) a day (product launches I’n quick succession) could not keep death away from Jobs. Well, finally, i am satisfied that he will be remembered for all JOBS well done.

My tribute to him is conveyed I’n the following lines.

You were an apple for every one
Creating an i-fad too often
Jobs, now lost to million
You sure’ll shine for ever in heaven.


About cvsubramaniam

Former Director, Department of Electronics & Informatiin Technology, Government of India.. Authored Book on Human Resource Management. Published 80 plus articles on HR, Management, S&T, general topics.
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