Conversation with God

Conversation with God
(written I’n a despondent mood)

(by C.V. Subramaniam)

The God came to me in my dream one night. He asked: ‘what do you want?’

I told him i wanted to ask you a vital question which has been baffling me for some time. You may at once ask, what is it so vital. Well, we know our entry I’n the world through the embodiment of unfathomable love, our mother, but how do we exit. If you go to a cinema hall, you can see separate boards ‘entrance and exit.. And, therefore, i asked: ‘Should you, dear God, not have created such exits also for us?’

God: ‘why do you ask such questions?’

I said: ‘Well, many of us get totally frustrated and depressed at times and say within ourselves, i wish i could die (exit). But if one really wants to do that, there are no natural ways, since you cannot see any ‘exit’ board and can run immediately to pass through that.

God answered: ‘ i like your word ‘exit’ and the curiosity why i have not thought of it. The reason is: first i want you to exist and not exit, secondly i want you to exit while existing, i have therefore another solution, excite. I have provided enough means for you to continue to exist and excite each moment when you feel ‘ Ah, what a wonderful feeling, i feel like, i am out of this world’. Each time you feel so, you are exiting this world for that moment. You are actually not existing even, you are only feeling exciting.

Like i have decided the timing of your entry, i have also the right to decide about the exit. That is my prerogative. After all, how can you enter this world without first my wanting you to enter and exist in this world.

He continued, ‘Why are you so worried about the exit when i really wanted you all to excite and have i not provided several means to live (the whole world with a bountiful nature, fresh air, the sea, the mountain, the flowers and what not) through which you can get that excite, so that you don’t worry about your exit. I have created a bountyful nature which can give you anything you want – you have only to ask, then believe and then, of course, receive. I’n fact the very idea of this excite route is to see that you remain excited always through the many acts of your living, which will all the time make you feel ‘ha, i am out of this world, i don’t know where i am at this moment of time’ – the excitement.

Actually, i want you also to be a Creator like me – not creator of human beings alone, who will all ask the same question again. When i say creator, i mean that you create some thing, i.e., be creative and create wonders for you to enjoy and for others to enjoy so that all of you are happy, and excited, and feel the exits (to the more joyous world, of excite, where you will not utter the word ‘exit) Each one of you has to achieve some thing, work with a goal, never give up and create that exit.

You can Create music, create stories, create new techniques,new styles, create joy through your acts. This is what you have to realize. The people who thus achieve and create could certainly feel happy finally, ‘that i have found my exit’. I have lived my life fully and with a purpose. And, at the appropriate time, i can call them back to me too. You have heard about the ‘right to recall’ recently, and i too could exercise that option, to punish those who do not perform their duties, by inflicting miseries. I also bestow to some who always think of me something special so that they get that more of that ‘excite(ment).’

I said all that is fine, could you kindly elaborate?

God, Oh, you want further clarification and see the real meaning of the word EXCITE and here it is:

Elegance . – see excellence and elegance I’n everything and work for it

(E)xcite – the excitement of your work – not getting excited unnecessarily over nothing. The excitement should produce joy to you.

Creativeness – think always as to how to be creative, you can create your own happy world.

Identity – your actions should lead to a special identity for you

Truth – truth always succeeds, so be truthful

Enjoyment – having done all the above, it is continuous enjoyment for you, continuous excitement, the feeling of having exited this world and living I’n a more wonderful world of your own creation and, at the same time, existing.

I hope you got the point, you have been created with the purpose above. Don’t , think of your exit even for a fraction of a second. Knowing that you are desperate and confused, ( though always loving me) I really selected you for that special excitement, you know what?

I stood puzzled for a moment.

God: You got the iPad right? How do you think you got it? Go to it and use it to spread this message to everyone.

I suddenly woke up from my slumber and thought of thanking God, but realized it was all a dream, a useful, purposeful dream and i want all of you to get such dreams I’n your life.


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Former Director, Department of Electronics & Informatiin Technology, Government of India.. Authored Book on Human Resource Management. Published 80 plus articles on HR, Management, S&T, general topics.
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