God Helps You

God Helps You

Lord Ayyappa is the Protector. Swami saranam Ayyappa. Here is an event in my life
where the lord protected me very well. I wanted to avail of the benefit of the provision in Government Rules for counting of my past service in the Tatar Institute of Fundamental Research, an autonomous body, where I had rendered service for a little over twelve years for the purpose of pensionary benefits. One had to repay the government the gratuity and contributory part of the provident fund, along with interest, for this purpose. While I was aware of this rule position, I thought of opting for this benefit at a late stage in my Central Government service. And, this involved payment to government a hefty sum of interest. However, having worked out the pros and cons of this approach, and with the advice (the value of which I realize fully) of my best colleague and friend, I decided to plunge into this decision – give and take, you give it to government now and take from government something better and for as long as you live.

Having paid the amount, of course after verifying the past service rendered etc,, and with proper approvals obtained, I was informed about government’s decision/approval
for the enhanced service.

By a strange coincidence, someone in the office wanted to play mischief and wanted to reopen the file. While proper approvals had been obtained even at the level of Secretary to Government, this man raised all sorts of queries and created confusion the minds of every one – finance chief, admin chief, Secretary and what not.

Having come to know of this development, naturally I was upset and frustrated. I too started sending notes after notes questioning the views and justifying my strand and that of the Personnel Division, which had processed the case. When the decision of the Secretary himself was questioned, I asked in my notes as to whether they wanted the approval of God! The whole episode went on for months. A poem was written by me titled Sorrows of Subbu which the Secretary read out at the HOD meting and lamented on the way this particular file was being dealt with.

A few days later, one of my colony mates, who was a devote of Lord Ayyappa, seeing me in a dejected mood, while waiting for bus, asked me as to what happened. I then
narrated what all had happened. He advised to me be patient and wait till December 15th, which was two months later, when the whole thing would be settled in my favor.
With my faith and belief in God, I stopped worrying about this matter. No more notes, no more discussions on the subject with my close DOE friends.

On the 15th December exactly, the person dealing with my file in the Personnel Department informed me: Sir, everything is final now. The case has been APPROVED.
And, so it was. Thank God, Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa. This is really God’s intervention. This incidence naturally, further reinforced my faith in Lord Ayyappa.


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Former Director, Department of Electronics & Informatiin Technology, Government of India.. Authored Book on Human Resource Management. Published 80 plus articles on HR, Management, S&T, general topics.
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