My iPad

My iPad

I could not learn computer, though I had worked in various scientific institutions, including CDAC, the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing. Two reasons -one, from the day I became Under Secretary, I had a PA who would type all my letters etc. Two- the thought that if I learnt typing on the computer, would I have to do the typing myself when my PA goes on leave? While in CDAC, of course, I became familiar with terms like parallel computing, super computing,mega flops, giga flops, teraflops and so on and could easily rattle out these while dictating letters, notes etc.

When people used to ask me whether I have a PC, my thoughts would go to PC, viz.P Chidambaram. Soon after my retirement, both my eyes got operated for cataract, though they are still bad and troubling me a lot (thanks to the doctor, one of my eyes has two lenses, adding to further problem, as if he was experimenting the one- plus-one offer!) Once past seventy, with these problems and, perhaps, without any regular use, I never ventured to buy one,

But the new year began with a bang for me! My son who arrived from USA brought me a gift – an ipad. I leapt with joy at seeing this wonder gadget, got an Internet and wi-fi connection soon, got an e-mail account opened with the help of my son and started sending mails to all my relatives, along with photos of my son’s seemantham and was much much delighted from their responses and congratulations. I prided being the the first and only one in our family circles possessing this wonder gadget.

Suddenly, I was worried as to whether my eyes would go worse if I start using the iPad regularly. My joy and worries about my eyes,produced the following lines.,

I have got now an iPad
Through my son’s love for his dad
Ha, I have joined the tech fad
Which sure makes me feel glad
Would it make my eyes bad
Since my eyes are already bad?
It should not make me sad
For which I pray to god.

Since my email Id was got made by my son in a hurry as cvs ambar@…………….
much to my embarrassment, I received a mail addressing me as Dear Mr. sambar! Actually, ambar is the name of my society building. I do not know at this stage whether (and how) I should change. What if I retain, since in my circle and being a madrasee,
people could remember easily.

And, as if to lessen my pride and joy, the very next day Times of India carried a news to the effect that iPads are now available – for the first time in India. From now on I would be only one among the few to own the iPad, how bad. Add to this the news that came in papers two days later – a New York school has given all it’s students iPad for teaching and for doing their lessons, and this has suddenly equated me with a school kid. Well, as for me I am still a school kid learning to do my work with iPad. In any case all this euphoria will soon fade out, since there are new developments day by day for example ipad2 will be ready for launch, may be by this year end!


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Former Director, Department of Electronics & Informatiin Technology, Government of India.. Authored Book on Human Resource Management. Published 80 plus articles on HR, Management, S&T, general topics.
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