Corruption – Story of the Three Brothers


Corruption has gown into a big family tree, engulfing the whole nation, though the shadows of the tree will only protect the corrupt and the corrupt only.Corruption and corrupt officials have perhaps multiplied to such an extent that there is need for a separate census for the latter, apart from the one currently going on. The whole business of corruption is run by the three brothers, as explained below.

The three brothers are responsible for this whole business across the country.
They have their own importance, names and activities corresponding to their age.
The three brothers are, the Big C, the Middle C and the Little C.

Coming to the activities, The Big big C deals with elevation, the-middle C with expansion and the Little C with elimination.The activities and roles are clearly spelt out to achieve the common goal of the business.

As for the role of Big C, he deals with multi-crore, multi-bagger activities and always sits at the top. First of all, all their activities and associated personnel are given names, least suspected of involvement in any corrupt activities. You have names such as Satyam (truth)’ Raja (king) (and may be Rani – we have yet to find out)’, Adharsh (model)’ 2G, 3G, CWG (where G perhaps represents a grading?) ” and you know how all such names have succeeded well in their job.

Coming to the middle C, he generally is not in a place of eminence, and restricts his activities to middle levels only. Examples are those at babu levels etc. At the same time he has to see for the expansion of corruption to all areas and fields and be constantly engaged in exploring new areas and fields. Here, in terms of money, he deals not in
crores, the activities are generally concerned with public interaction in departments like, railways, posts, telephones, passports etc. Two examples: getting a telephone connection, where I experienced this myself (of course ten years ago). While the instrument was installed with more-than-normal speed, to get the phone activated I
was demanded Rs.300. The second incident deals with a mufti police officer who came to my house to verify the particulars of my son’s passport application. He said every thing is o.k, I said o.k. too. He said ‘aap ko jaldi mil jayega’. I asked ‘pakka?’ and thanked him. There was no sign of his getting up from the sofa and moving towards the door. Well , his policy also was ‘give and take’ – you give me money and then only take the passport. I showed my Government visiting card on both occasions which saved me.

The youngest brother, little C is concerned with elimination of corruption. He is not respected by the other two brothers. Not only that, both his elder brothers are his No. one enemies. He goes on taking various steps to perform his role well and has to continue doing so.

An examination was held to test the competence of the thee brothers. The result, as. can be guessed, turned out to be like this.The Big C passed with top marks, the middle C with not so good marks, but with respectable marks. The little C, to everyone’s surprise,utterly failed. The story is clear to all of us.

The teacher who took their examination analyzed their results like this: Big C is clever, intelligent, and least afraid of any one. The middle C scored less marks, because he is just ordinary, and has still to delve deep into the ‘unfathomed caves of ocean’. The little C failed, because he is so young, immature and has no idea as as to how to move. Of course he gave a suggestion that by including the corruption money in the service like any other service charge or tax, you can achieve two things in one shot, viz, no one pays corruption, and the word corruption itself will stand eliminated. The examiner was not satisfied still. He said, those silly suggestions will lead to you own elimination. The three C’s could also be named Satyam (always speaking truth’? At least that is what he would like others to believe), Shivam(being the middle of the three, following the middle path) and Sundaram, ( looking so cute like an innocent baby, teeth not yet grown fully, and only Sundaram to look at.). Perhaps it will involve a mammoth effort to groom this kid to a full-blown adult – by which time, of course, the other two elder brothers would still continue to make merry!!


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Former Director, Department of Electronics & Informatiin Technology, Government of India.. Authored Book on Human Resource Management. Published 80 plus articles on HR, Management, S&T, general topics.
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