Retirement Blues

Retirement Blues

Retirement is a word perhaps a dreaded word none likes to hear. Even, when in cricket or some such game, when one is really too old and worn-out, when he should think of automatically retiring, the player is hesitant to call it a day and still wants to linger on in the arena – little realizing that the general public do not adore him any more, as in the past and would rather see him out, paving way for younger blood.

In service too, the same sort of feeling perhaps comes to every one’s mind, though you may have been a nice boss, admired for your qualities and may be feeling disappointed at the thought that it is going to be the ‘D’ day for you now. it is a phenomenon which will occur in every one ‘s life one day or the other, and it is a certainty like death, but the longing to cling on to the seat lingers on, the more so,when one is in a high enough position enjoying powers, privileges and perks. For people realize the power of the ‘kursi’ more when they are de-throned, so to say.

I was no exception too. There were several thoughts crowding my mind on these lines, turning into ‘mournful musings’, when the moment of losing the ‘kingdom’ actually arrived. (Of course, I was lucky enough to get a post-retirement job, which made me to vacate the coveted ‘kursi’ in Government one year earlier).

The mournful musings ran like this:

The farewell tolls the knell of service days
The gloomy face droops down the knee
The showman (that I was) homeward plods his dreary way
And leaves the world to laziness and to me

For me, no more the peons will stand and salute
No special care from the housewife who would but stare
No subordinates whispering their boss’s arrival
No files and papers waiting for me to clear

The boast of security, the pomp of power
And all that duty and all that authority ev’r gave
Awaits alike the inevitable hour
The days of glory lead but to the day none can save

Knowing the general tendency in the system, where people will no linger care for the retired, perhaps,the epitaph in my case could read as below:

Here lays the boss who wielded power and authority
For whom the FRs and SRs were not unknown
And yet did he act only with ambiguity
Thank heavens, he is forever now gone.



About cvsubramaniam

Former Director, Department of Electronics & Informatiin Technology, Government of India.. Authored Book on Human Resource Management. Published 80 plus articles on HR, Management, S&T, general topics.
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