Writing – A Washing Machine Process?

Writing – a washing machine process?

When you want to start writing some thing, naturally, you want your mind to be clean. You would like, perhaps to be in a mood enjoying the ‘breezy call of incense breathing morn, and the swallow twitt’ring from the straw-built shed’.

An idea came to my mind as to whether writing could be compared to washing clothes in a washing machine. In washing we dump all clothes, spoiled, very much spoiled, little spoiled etc. Into a washing machine. When we are not thinking of writing, perhaps, like the washing machine, our mind is cluttered with all sorts of unclean and unclear thoughts. When we think of writing some thing, we initiate the washing process in the machine. The process is put ON, and the thoughts get washed or cleaned up to be able to select a particular topic.

As in the washing machine, we then put our mind in the rinse mode. The thoughts which come to us on the particular topic, or theme about which we think of writing, get rinsed in our mind, in the sense, leaving the unwanted thoughts, which are not relevant to our theme, and exact thoughts on which we want to dwell on come rinsed, as if it is cleared of the soap powder in which it they are soaked.

Now, the thoughts which we want to link together are in a better shape to build on our theme. Then comes, of course, the spin mode. We spin our already cleansed thoughts so carefully that the exact words and sentences, paras etc. get ready to be dried up, so that they are no longer sticky, messy and fuzzy, and come the way want them ultimately.

Why I say fussy, is because there is some fuss sometimes about which way to go.
We then use the fuzzy logic button, so that, on the one hand the fuss is cleared and also our thinking becomes logical to bring out the desired result.

We have of course some other buttons in the washing machine, like the quick wash which we can use for our mind to think quickly, rather than in a slow manner. The other button often found in the washing machine is light wash, for woolens etc.
As far as our mind is concerned, if we think of something in a lighter vein, we can press this button. Similarly, if we have to write something serious, where heavy or serious thinking is required, we have to put our mind in the ‘heavy wash’ mode.

Of course, we have to constantly keep our mind clean,so that the mind, like the washing
machine doesn’t get stuck up, without running. Like you do not keep your machine idle in which case also it is likely to go useless, you must also not keep your mind idle.
Keep giving work to the mind and run it always like the washing machine.


About cvsubramaniam

Former Director, Department of Electronics & Informatiin Technology, Government of India.. Authored Book on Human Resource Management. Published 80 plus articles on HR, Management, S&T, general topics.
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