Corruption – A Necessary Evil

Corruption – A Necessary Evil?

(by C.V. Subramaniam )

Election is the biggest source of corruption,says Chief Election Commissioner, Mr Quaireshi, . And, hence, in the present run up to the Assembly Elections, their mission is to fight against money power in Elections.

One hears daily news about various political parties distributing freebies to the poor.
Each party adopts it’s own strategy and decides about what freebies to be doled out. It could be TV sets, it could be laptops, it could be sarees, it could be blankets it could be
alcohol. The latter being perhaps confined only to rich states.

I think perhaps some party could offer free rail tickets and may be in rich states free air tickets too. This would enable the voters, the public to hop from one place to another, stand in the separate queues, dolling out these freebies, in different States, different locations, and try to get as much freebies as possible. He could then say that i am very impartial when it comes to voting. I attend every freebi distribution point, gather the whole lot offered by all parties and thereby get all my requirements. I feel I am also very loyal, since I support all parties the same way, without any bias, and without bothering, about what these free gifts are, as long as these all come free. In any case the parties organizing such distribution centers all want people to come and take away the things offered.

Why do parties want to give to the aam aadmi so many goods, which perhaps many cannot afford in their life time? This is because, no one questions them perhaps, about their source of income for such free distribution, number of various goods, categories of the goods, cost of them and no accounting needs to be done also in such cases. After all, they are supposed to govern and then give the goods and services to people, so why should people wait, why not we give now itself, why not the people start enjoying now itself. The voters already know that no one, no single party, no single leader is perhaps fit to govern this country, or the particular States. And, because of this, doing something good for the people once you get elected and come to power may not be that easy, since you are bound to be questioned, you are bound to be accountable, you are bound to follow ethics, integrity, and so on. So the best way is perhaps give when you can.

As for the people, why they consider this policy of the politicians also good is because they get what they want, in advance (not after the party comes to power, frames policies and then start their humanitarian work – all these take time), and even in the five – year term, perhaps, they would still be working on policies, without being able to ‘deliver’ anything meaningful.

For the poor, since they have learnt through experience that there is nothing much or worthwhile for them at stake, it is like thinking who bothers ultimately as to who votes for whom. Henceforth, before the start of the elections, the public – different groups of them, can think of drawing up their own lists as to what all freebies they want, which could take care of their needs for the next full five years. It could be like Peoples Manifesto and the parties need not bother about drawing up their election manifesto. The one party or the one leader who could outdo others in this list game could perhaps be sure of getting elected,since they could claim we have proved that we can deliver. And, after that it would become easier for them to recline in their cosy chairs and care for themselves.


About cvsubramaniam

Former Director, Department of Electronics & Informatiin Technology, Government of India.. Authored Book on Human Resource Management. Published 80 plus articles on HR, Management, S&T, general topics.
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