Ignorance – Not a Bliss

Ignorance -Not a Bliss

Computer has it’s own caprices, quirks, whims and fancies. When my son repeatedly told me from USA that when he arrives home a week later, he would bring me an iPad which would be my computer, my initial reaction like my parents forcing on me to marry a girl of not my liking, since there would not be any compatibility with it. (my age 74 and the iPad, just a newborn, about which i didnt know anything until then. He was determined of course and wanted me to make sure that by the time he lands here, there should be an Internet connection, and a wi-fy router which are must. While i have heard about internet, iPad itself and wi fy were terms unheard of so far. I still thought, who at the age of 74 , retired and reclining and leading a reclusive life, both eyes operated, one with a twin baby (two lenses inside) would go for it?

My son came, a whole day I was making repeated telephonic requests with the Internet provider to put up the line and provide a wife (oh sorry,every one will mistake me)’ it is a wi-fi connection and make the whole thing active. Finally, after two, three visits by two three teams, everything was fixed. The iPad was launched at my home. Being New Year eve (31 Jan, )’ it Turned out to be celebration time. We had hot gulab jamuns which we had planned any way.

My son showed me how it works, showing what to touch, how to touch and so on, since the device needed gentle touch; even while typing, it is not tapping it is simply touching.

After two days I learnt at least how to handle the gadget, holding it properly (it can be held both vertically and horizontally). I learned to type on it (now all with a single finger )
and attempted an eight line poem (a prayer song, a kind of invocation toGod). This was followed by a write up (which took 60 minutes for some one used to type at 90 words per minute speed on a Remington rand typewriter) describing my initial euphoria and prospective damage to the eyes in store for me.

Confidence grew, because the iPad got familiar with me know.( by then my son had got me an email account opened with my email Id being cvsambar (I did not realize this at that point though). My son told: say something after cvs and the society’s name came to me at once,Ambar, little realizing it will end up with the name sambar! The computer started recognizing me sooner, because of the sambar word being associated, as though it also recognizes tastes easily. I found it embarrassing to give this Email address to whoever asked me, since they would poke fun at me.

After using the iPad for a month I observed that many a time I have to obey the compute rather than the other way round. If I search for something in safari, sometime, with too much of waiting, it says safari could not open the page, because,…OK. I obey; sometimes, it is O matches found; at the same time it gives you all unwanted, unrelated options. Again I obey. If I want to type net as, (meaning our political leaders, it doesn’t budge as if it doesn’t like our leaders, the net as) – this is how I get. When I type devdutt, it would ask devout?, and so on. I struggle very often and go very slow; even then it obliges only at it’s will. Some time with other options, there is also ‘home’; I was confused initially, where would I go, since I am already in home and quite feeling at home.

Again, it makes very often some ‘kning’ sound on hearing which I rush to open the iPad and and find on the screen some alerts like ‘Raja’arrested (which Raja, what about Rani?)’ ‘Mubarak steps down’ (Mubarak ho, to the people of Egypt, of course) , ‘Fire in Bombay House (sympathies for the families of dead) etc. Not something gone wrong with the iPad itself!

With regard to mails, it doesn’t make any wrong deliveries. It does not deliver to the recipient, even if you omit one letter or add wrongly one letter in the e mail address. Your mail is thrown back at you, unlike the Postman who is not bothered with such
condonable mistakes.

Only when some of the things above actually happened, could I learn the style of working of this magical gadget. Until then, all these were simply magic to me! Also, as long as I am ignorant, iPad will continue to baffle me.


About cvsubramaniam

Former Director, Department of Electronics & Informatiin Technology, Government of India.. Authored Book on Human Resource Management. Published 80 plus articles on HR, Management, S&T, general topics.
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