The Acknowledgements in a Book

The ‘Acknowledgments’ I’n a Book

How many of you normally read a book right from the Acknowledgement page? Well, to answer that question, I have no precise idea or estimate. According to me, of course, the percentage could be only about twenty percent or so.

I’n my case, I always first look at the acknowledgement page (and also preface, foreword etc.) it could contain a wealth of Information. These are: the style, how people write, what kind of sentiments they express, how many people have contributed to the preparation of the book, right from manuscript preparation, checking and getting this edited, incorporating various suggestions, removal, or addition to the manuscript, typing assistance, editorial guidance from the book editor, the people who design covers, the people who actually publish – the publishers. Does the list appear too long? May be not.

I have always been impressed by the way people write this page. Someone wrote saying that writing the acknowledgement is perhaps more difficult than writing the book itself! Does it not reflect the author’ s intention to appreciate, say thanks, to acknowledge and, at the same time, does it not reflect the author’s open admission that what he has achieved also belongs to those others. According to Voltaire, ‘appreciation is a wonderful thing; what we give to others belong to us as we’ll. How true!

I have admired many acknowledgments, wondered at the way they convey what they want to convey, how they express their feelings, what kind of words they choose to express, be it members of the author’s family, colleagues, peers, experts etc.

By reading the acknowledgement, after completion of writing, the writer can perhaps heave a big sigh of relief, since those who are thanked and acknowledged also deserve something I’n return, by a simple ‘thank you’ and it is the ‘pay back’ time for the author to return I’n some form what he owes them, for which he remains indebted.

So please don’t skip this page, whenever you read a book, because very often the acknowledgement will provide you the peeping hole through which you can also assess the author and a rough guess at least about content of the book itself.. Perhaps there is much more than this, but this is only what I could think of, having completed the ‘acknowledgement’ page for one of my own books.


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Former Director, Department of Electronics & Informatiin Technology, Government of India.. Authored Book on Human Resource Management. Published 80 plus articles on HR, Management, S&T, general topics.
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2 Responses to The Acknowledgements in a Book

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  2. Interesting input. Indeed there are many who participate in making the book as it gets to the final form from the conceptualization, preparation of manuscript to sharing with an expert for critical evaluation before sending it to the editors. Critical comments from experts go a long way in refining the final output. Each attribute from suggestions to elaborate or make concise certain topics, correcting typographical error to a good cover page contributes to its success.

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