Once a Great God – Now a God of Small Things!

Once a Great God, now a God of small things!

If ever there is a God I’n the cricketing world, the only name that would, perhaps, automatically pop up is Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin has always been revered as a God, particularly by Indians. One of the blogs which had appeared I’n Times of India, almost a year ago, was titled ‘when Sachin Tendulkar bats, even the Gods come down to watch.’ By achieving the hall mark of hundred centuries, he became a ‘sathamagan’ (to quote Narayaneeyam), one who has performed hundred ‘aswamedha’ yagas (which title only Lord Indra had), since each of his hundred hundreds could be equated to performing an ‘aswamedha yaga’.

Since Lord Indra never wanted anyone to get the title of ‘sathamagan’, he spoiled the efforts of Emperor Prithu who continuously made efforts towards getting this title. For, each time he tried to achieve this title, Lord Indra spoilt his effort by getting the horse meant for the Yaga stolen. And, finally Lord Krishna appeared before Emperor Prithu and advised him to be content with the title of one having performed only 99 such yagas.

Now that he has equalled Lord Indra, Sachin should learn that perhaps Lord Indra would never want someone to overtake him – go beyond hundred ‘aswamedha’ yagas
and would only be looking at him with frown. And this could well be the curse from Lord Indra resulting in the prolonged poor batting form of Sachin. And HIS advice to him may be, ‘be content with hundred hundreds.’

The report which appeared I’n HT (17 December) by Ian Chappell titled ‘Time to say thanks to Sachin for a glorious era’ , also is a clear indication that Sachin should now seriously think of calling it a day. As long as he delays this, his inclusion I’n the Indian team would only mean retaining an unwelcome member, with reservations.

While I too admire Sachin for his achievements, I only hope that his wanting to lingering on does not result I’n ‘the batsman homewards plods his weary (and gloomy) way.’ Rather, people would like to see him walk back to the permanent pavilion with dignity and continue to be remembered as a God of cricket.


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