Book Review ‘Seeing Opportunities Through Your Mind (

Book ‘Seeing Opportunities Through Your Mind’ by
C.V. Subramaniam (

BOOK REVIEW in People and Management magazine (published by
LB Associates), May-June 2013 issue

A Stenographer who dabbled in Binary Codes

‘Seeing Opportunities through Your Mind’ is an autobiographical account of Shri C.V.
Subramaniam’s life, both personal and professional. The author shares his experiences and anecdotes of a long and successful career spanning 40 years, and takes readers through the milestones he achieved and opportunities he leveraged. The book has been divided into two parts, the first talks of his life, the second discusses some thoughts on Human Resources. In the first part, the author shares his life as a school and college student, his growing interest in academics and how this eventually lead to an interesting career with the Indian Government.

Subramaniam fondly recalls his association with Prof. Menon at TIFR and the many things he learnt under his patronage. It was he who gave Subramaniam the career push by encouraging him to look for bigger horizons, which he did as he progressed to the position of Under Secretary to the Government of India. His journey can be summed up as a “tryst with destiny” where excellence at what he did set a standard for his career. It was his sheer attempt at perfection which saw him fill a top position as the Director in the Department of Information Technology and as OSD in the Science Advisory Council to Prime Minister of India.

The second part of his book ‘Some Thoughts on HR’ contains a set of articles covering various topics on HR. Some articles like ‘How I could excel in work’, ‘Does Appreciation matter in Workplace?’, ‘Opportunities – Grab them’, ‘Success in Career – Some Tips’, and ‘The Right Attitude to Win’ are highly motivational for those who are engaged in HR profession as well as for youngsters poised at the threshold of their career. in addition, the author provides the support information for HR to become an integral part of the strategic planning of the organization.


About cvsubramaniam

Former Director, Department of Electronics & Informatiin Technology, Government of India.. Authored Book on Human Resource Management. Published 80 plus articles on HR, Management, S&T, general topics.
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