My Brother’s ‘Sathabhishekam’ and how we participated in it

My brother’s ‘Sathabhishekam’ and how we participated in it.

Rains in Mumbai is welcomed by every one there, since rains feed the various lakes in terms of the city’s water needs, But when it pours cats and dogs, the humans have to be brave before they think of venturing out.

Myself and my wife had a horrid time yesterday with torrential rains in the morning, since we had to attend a function, to celebrate then80th birthday of my elder brother,
at a far off suburb, away from Mulund where we stay. We got up at 5.30 a,m. to be ready by 8.00 a.m. to depart. The taxi which we had arranged came to us on time,
we boarded it almost empty stomached (except for the one biscuit I took to enable me to pop up my medicine tablets). The function was something which we could not avoid.
We set out daringly, getting wet in the process of getting inside the cab. Enter Bhandup, and for the first time I could imagine the plight of the daily office goers. Being a working day and with pouring rains, we were unprepared for what lay ahead for us. By the time we got past Bhandup station, 75 minutes had already passed! The cab used to move one foot each time, since there were hosts of cars, buses ahead of us in an unending line. At times, we thought these were genuine stops for red signal, but soon realizes that it was the reddest signal caused by the rains – what with roads flooded, lashing rains on the glass screen, occasional ‘grumblings’ of the driver, and it was beyond our dreams even to imagine whether and when we will end up at the venue of the function. After Gandhi Nagar, while the driver was hoping for a somewhat better move, it turned out to be the same. Two and a half hours gone by the time we neared the L&T building.

Meantime, the pressure on the mind was equalled by the pressure on the legs, without much room, even for a brief cross-legged posture. The stomach made us remind that we had neglected it, and suddenly the pressure swelled in the urinary bladder – you can very well imagine.

At 11.OO a.m. we finally entered Goregaon West, only to get confused in locating the Ayyappa Mandir. After trying out a few well informed and not-so-well informed tips that we and the driver got from the roadside shopwallas, we landed up at the destination, which suddenly made me realize ‘was my pilgrimage to the Sabarimala hills (abode of Lord Ayyappa) not easier and less strenuous? Well, here is the difference – during the pilgrimage the mind was fully immersed in thoughts about Lord Ayyappa and this time it was not so, though it must certainly be the same Lord who must have helped us to reach at least when the function was through midway. Rather than hurrying to grab some breakfast items, both of us frantically enquired ‘where is the toilet?’ And, thereafter, at the breakfast table everything cold tasted wonderful!

During the actual ‘abhishekam’ at the function, I envied my brother, since it was something akin and comparable to the ‘Govindhabhishekam’ of Lord Krishna, incidentally he is also a Krishna (full name, Sivaramakrushnan).
While, there was no ‘surabhi’s milk, there certainly was the abhishekham by ‘Akasha
Gangajal’ of Lord Indra – who was waiting for the right moment, the ‘Sathabhishekam’
of my brother, to bless him from above through ‘abhishekam’ of the entire Mumbai City.
I consoled myself, at least the Gods had poured their mercy and blessings on my brother and his wife.

Finally, at 2.30 p.m. the function was over and we were served a gorgeous lunch
which everyone there must have enjoyed.


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