The Mind is a Kingdom


Edward Dyer, in his poem, ‘My Mind A Kingdom to Me is’, compares the mind to a kingdom. The lines read thus: ‘My mind to me a kingdom is, Such perfect joy therein I find, That it excels all other bliss, That world affords or grows by kind. I am narrating below my own experiences in this regard.

Keeping the mind alert

If you are able to keep your mind alert, and I would say that everyone needs to always,
much of your worries and physical disabilities pale away, keeping you always in a joyful mood. In fact, one should never allow the mind to rust, gather dust and wither away.
Perhaps, it is this quality or ability, the ability to keep your mind fresh, clean and with its door always open (it needs fresh air too) that contributes a lot to forget that you are aging and old. Indeed, the mind is a whole kingdom which needs to be explored, through constant thinking, ‘to find the perfect joy’.

Remain active

After my retirement from a busy and active life working for the Government, I did not want to feel that I am ‘retired’. And because of this, and with lots of steam still inside me,
I could pursue my working life further by taking upon a formal job in which I continued for over six years, knowing fully well, that a retirement still awaited me.

The long gap in activity.

Having ‘finally ‘ retired, in 2003, consequent on getting an angina attack, until, 2011, I was literally not active – but mentally, yes, through occasional reading, reminiscing about my past career and achievements, listening to some good music etc. but, my mind had been always alert. Occasionally, some nice thoughts would rush to my mind urging me to put them down on paper. But in terms of publishing or sharing with others etc, I had no means. I had to depend upon writing on paper, correcting there itself, getting it typed through someone, and then trying to send these to newspapers by post; all this was time-consuming. In the meantime, so many developments had taken up in terms of fast communication through e-mail etc. The pity was that I never tried to learn the use of a computer. This was a big disadvantage, which I realize now, with an iPad in my possession which has made things easier for me.

My Writings – second innings

In terms of writing, there was not much to say after my final retirement, until end of 2010. In January, 2011, I was given a gift of an iPad by my son. Even when he mentioned to me about this prior to his arrival home, I felt I would have no real use, since I was practically computer- illiterate. However, the urge to learn and do something with the iPad, motivated me to try writing again. I had little knowledge then that there was lying hidden so much of valuable thoughts in my mind, which the iPad helped me discover.

The advantages of an alert mind

Suddenly, I realized that my mind had remained alert all those ‘lean’ years, for not only could I recall several thoughts, but could also remember a great deal about what all little things that I might have read. This realization helped me start my second innings of writing, so to say, that between the time the iPad arrived and now, I have been able to publish, in a leading magazine several articles on HR related topics, I could publish an article on talent management in the Hindu Business Line, write odd pieces on a variety of topics numbering almost fifty plus, write a book about my successful career, my achievements, several appreciations that I had received from important personalities, which also included 20 articles in the form of ‘some thoughts on HR’; this book got reviewed by the People and Management magazine. I now feel that all this was possible because I could ‘keep my mind alert’, always and reap the benefits of the repository of thoughts stored therein.


As Dyer said, in the quote in the beginning of this piece, treat your ‘mind as a kingdom’
preserve this kingdom, by usurping it yourself, if needed, make it flourish with all good thoughts, and see for yourself that ‘it excels all other bliss’ – which is there for you to enjoy. Again, as Robin Sharma says, by developing present moment awareness and an abundance of mental focus, you will not only feel much calmer in life, you will also unlock your mind’s full potential’ – which lies spread all over the kingdom.


About cvsubramaniam

Former Director, Department of Electronics & Informatiin Technology, Government of India.. Authored Book on Human Resource Management. Published 80 plus articles on HR, Management, S&T, general topics.
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