Monsoon delight or monsoon monotony?

Monsoon delight or monsoon monotony?

Well, with monsoon’ arrival the moods of people change. Generally, with the long and continuous heat and burns of a scorching summer, you always pose the question in your mind, ‘Oh God, what a heat, when will the rains arrive?’. Equally, when there is heavy downpour for several days at a stretch, your mood changes again, ‘what a horrible rain’, you start cursing!

Well, for everyone generally, in a situation described above, desperately looking towards the sky for cloud formation and possible rain, the arrival of the first showers, be it small drizzle, or a sudden heavy lashing, everybody will welcome the rains, heaving a sigh of relief. What a coolness suddenly, you think, and depending upon the mood, feel like dancing and get drenched. It is a sheer delight for all those who indulge in the splash.

Just before I started writing, I had gone out in rain to get some essential items of vegetables and fruits during which time, the aroma of freshly fried pakoras being transferred from the kadal to the tray nearby, pierced my nostrils tempting me, for a moment, to gorge on it, but since generally we avoid food items from shops during monsoon, I trudged back home after finishing the buys, still remembering the ‘garma garam’ stuff. And, with a small description of this, I edged my wife to indulge in homely Pakoda, the ideal ingredient, which was readily available, being onion and in a few minutes both of us were enjoying the hot, munchy, crispy, browny, tasty onion pakora, with delight.

Some of the worst effects of rain are muddy roads, chances of your getting drenched, speeding vehicles splashing muddy water over your entire body, most of the time deriving some pleasure due to this, by deliberate intention, necessity of having to carry when you go out, ‘safety covers’ like umbrella, raincoat etc. curtailment of your freedom to go outings, the darkness inside your rooms, mood turning monotonous and gloomy, a sort of ‘morbid melancholy’, as Samuel Johnson puts it, cravings to indulge in munchy , oily snacks (of course you may also be enjoying this in a typical ‘Pakoda weather’, even in winter), worrying about catching cold, fever, stomach ailment etc. More than normal rain could also play havoc resulting in floods, loss of human life, homes, other property etc. and put strains on our economy.

In Mumbai, it has been raining heavily and continuously for the last fifty odd days. Oh god, this sort of situation completely puts me off my mood. What does one do (a retired man like me)? Watch TV? For how long?Read novels or some such books? Again, for how long? Writing, yes of course, if the thoughts come out of the ‘cloudy mind’. Again, all this depends on your mood. One could, of course resort to sleep, and spend some time like this.

Now, for a change, see the positives. Rain is needed for our daily water. Rain is needed for crops, rain is needed for some coolness, rain is needed for trees to grow, which supply oxygen for us to live, water is needed for us to drink, (for maintaining the water level in the body) bathe, wash our clothes, keep our homes clean, for flowers to open up and bloom (seeing them we can feast our eyes). In fact, water is a dire and most essential need for pulling on our daily lives, everybody needs it, every location, country all need water – to sustain human life. Hence, rain is a welcome, seasonal gift for all of us. Man realizes the importance, essentiality and the benefits it offers only in the absence of rains – leading to draught, affecting farmers, their income, and shortage (some times lack of availability) of our daily needs of vegetables and fruits. When dark clouds gather in the sky, the first ones to rejoice in dance are the farmers who depend on it for their very survival.

You may ask: Rain, is it a delight or monotony? The answer for both is yes. The positives definitely will score over the negatives. A famous quote by Audry Hepburn
sums up weather like this, ‘sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather!’ So, put up with all kinds of weather, whether you like it or not.


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Former Director, Department of Electronics & Informatiin Technology, Government of India.. Authored Book on Human Resource Management. Published 80 plus articles on HR, Management, S&T, general topics.
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