Hey, the treasure isn’t there!

Hey, the treasure isn’t there!

The nose

The nose is a vital organ of your body since it is through which you breathe every moment. Your nose can add beauty to your face. People can even tell about other people by simply seeing the shape of their nose. People may even adore you, simply because of your enviable look due to the perfect, ideal, and ‘tailor-made’ shape of your nose, matching with your face.

Women wanting to make their face more beautiful wear gold/silver ornaments on the sides of their nose, by piercing wholes on the sides of nose. (While men vie with women in terms of wearing ornaments on their ears, no man has attempted wearing ornaments on their nose yet!)

Your nose can smell, identify certain foods by the aroma which floats in the air; you can tell about a dirty site by the foul smell emanating from that place; you can smell a perfume, you can identify a stinking body odor. How often would you have run straight to the kitchen right from the entrance door to your house, guessing correctly what is being cooked by your wife (assuming, of course, that she has a well trained and well developed culinary skill) about which you and the guests arriving to your home, could envy?

A clear nose also provides clarity while talking, as otherwise, you might sound as if talking through your nose, particularly when you are having a blocked nose, due to catching cold etc.

The nasal problems

All the above is true. But the nose is also the location where a variety of problems, often caused by the environment outside, and even within your home, could upset your overall mood. And, there are the running noses, stuffy noses, fluffy noses, swollen noses, reddish noses, and so on. Cold is a common ‘disease’ often caused by extreme cold weather, rain, rainy cold breeze and cold winter breeze, allergy of all sorts and so on. In severe cases, hay fever or rhinitis is almost an incurable symptom affecting many and few remedies can give a satisfactory result. The rhinitis could often result in breathlessness. The sufferer is the best person to know how really, really bad it is.

Fingering the nose

Many will be tempted to explore the nose on such occasions and will virtually get themselves busy with, what Arundhati Roy calls, the ‘nasal treasure hunt.’ People who are habituated to such explorations are often criticized to be seen most often with one or two fingers (generally the thumb and the first finger) of their left hand, into the nose making turns, scratching here, scratching there, ( of course, the nail lending support which, together with the finger, forming something like a shovel), finding some part of the ‘treasure’, the sticky, fevicol-like substance, occasionally hardened, (and feeling an inner excitement ), sometimes over-doing, resulting in blood oozing out, making you suddenly mutter within yourself, ‘oh-my-God-what-have-I-done!’, bumping into a bony part, ridges and furrows, inaccessible upper narrow portions, getting bored and trying, in frustration, to attempt a finishing touch, alternating between the two nostrils. But, one can tell with certainty that the attempt which stopped briefly, will be automatically turned on, as if already programmed to do so. Because, for many, it is a perennial, time-consuming (though time-passing, too!) exercise, never being able to find Mackenna’s gold, which is the treasure hidden there. In terms of the time spent for this treasure hunt, perhaps, the time taken for the exploration of planets in outer space might seem to be much less, particularly since such explorations would be done using the most modern machines.

What others feel?

‘Oh, every time I look at you, your finger is inside the nose!’ complains the onlookers who are right in their own way. You cannot blame them, for you don’t see yourself how you appear at those times. Well, it is, of course, a nasty habit, causing irritation to the onlookers. The best way, perhaps, to get rid of this habit, is to do it right in front of a mirror when, you will certainly despise, and curse yourself for your indulgence and feel like muttering within your mind, ‘oh what a dirty and bad habit!’

People’s mannerisms

Many of us may have unknowingly ‘inculcated’ certain such special habits or mannerisms – be it the way we talk, the way we walk, sounding peculiar while we laugh (exceeding the normally permissible decibel limit ), occasional grimaces, scratching of head or any part of our body, the peculiar posture that we adopt while we stand or sit, and practically whatever we do, in terms of our body language, making others to pass comments (sometimes derisive) and making it easier for them to refer to our name, or remembering us, through such ‘traits’ or mannerisms we, and we only possess.

Discover yourself

Hence, it is better to take note of such ‘traits’ and try to remedy – sooner the better, so we can avoid becoming a laughing stock; and keeping the hands and fingers engaged with some other activity. Isn’t it true that some great and astonishing ‘discoveries’ about our own habits lie buried within ourselves?


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Former Director, Department of Electronics & Informatiin Technology, Government of India.. Authored Book on Human Resource Management. Published 80 plus articles on HR, Management, S&T, general topics.
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