Oh, I am now retired!

Oh, I am now Retired!

In everyone’s life comes the day of retirement – an end to working officially. The organizations do have specific age limits, usually around 60 years, when it will no longer want you. The reasons could be: you have exhausted all your learning and capabilities, you have become too old to work, to act, to think, to contribute to the organization any more. It could also be due to the Peter Principle which says, ‘everybody rises (with each promotion) to his level of incompetence.’ So, whatever way you may boast of your
competence being still in tact, the organization may feel, ‘this man has finally reached his ultimate level of incompetence and needs to be ‘thrown away’, like a rotten apple.

While, there could be some truth in all the above, you need not feel disheartened. Why? Because, it is the organization which has found you useless to them. But, within you, do you feel so incompetent, at the end of a long career? May be, or may not be.

There are more chances for you not to agree with the organization’s viewpoint. . Even if your family members conclude like the organization, you could still prove them to be wrong.

For all that may have happened in the organization, you could more possibly have emerged stronger with experience and expertise in your field. You could therefore
even claim that you have become wiser.

2. There are more organization’s today looking for retired and talented people
who could share their experience and expertise with such organizations, be it
on the job you may be assigned, or may be, to train and motivate the younger
echelons of the workforce.

3. They say, ‘old is gold’ but I would say, ‘old is silver’, shining with your grey hairs,
an indication that you are still useful and precious, with your wisdom, arising from
your ‘life experience’, having faced various challenging situations – which the
younger generation totally lacks. For, it is from practical situations in life that one
learns more than from what all one must have read, though that also provides fresh
insights into many things you already know.

4, While, perhaps, there is no demand for you in the outside world, you can still create
work for you, with you being your boss and having all the flexibility of time –
engaging in useful pursuits of reading and writing, like reminiscences, memoirs,
anecdotes etc. which, while others could enjoy, would equally make you also enjoy. I
have myself ‘discovered’ this, though much later – at the age of 74!

5. You can also think of making money in the stock market etc. by making a
beginning and by careful, step-by-step planning, keeping, of course, the
risk factor in mind. Here again, you are the boss shaping your destiny.

6. There are many voluntary organizations, NGOs, Building Societies and so on
where old, retired people are in demand. And, finally, one can still opt to be a
‘working husband’ at home, to be available for umpteen domestic chores – don’t
be shy, eg. looking after grand children, playing with them, cleaning and cutting
vegetables, drying the clothes, and may be a lot more.

These are but a few possibilities of your never feeling retried. Thus, it could be seen that one is never ‘retied’, but only ‘differently engaged, and being active.


About cvsubramaniam

Former Director, Department of Electronics & Informatiin Technology, Government of India.. Authored Book on Human Resource Management. Published 80 plus articles on HR, Management, S&T, general topics.
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