My Musical Venture!

Music: who doesn’t enjoy music. Music is divine, music is the Goddess, Saraswathi, music is soothing, pleasant, enjoyable, and an elixir for your mind. Remember the song ‘Sangeethame Amara Sallapame, Manninu vinninte varadaaname? What does this mean? Music is an everlasting conversation which is a heavenly gift to this earth.

My love for music:

Even at the age of 5 I used to love music – mainly film music. Those days, in my native place, Calicut, we used to go to Tamil and Malayalam movies almost regularly. There were catchy songs which people used to hum. At the theatre campus, there used to be boys selling small, printed song books of the movies. These used to attract me and very often I used to buy them. The price used to be very low. At schools, boys in the class generally discuss about movies, and particularly about the songs too.

Earlier attempts

I used to learn movie songs since I loved them. Since I was also able to sing , with a somewhat likeable voice, I used to some time sing from the veranda outside my house
and the neighbors would also hear this. I designed a loud speaker out of a LG asafoetida box made of tin of which I removed the cover. Then, on the three-sided box, I cut a round whole, a little larger than a rupee coin, on the bottom side. The hole was then covered with a thin paper. Holding the fully open side close to my mouth I began singing, and to some extent, it acted as a loud speaker. Some times when every one in the village would have finished their dinner, and people formed gossiping groups, just to entertain them, I used to sing with the loud speaker. Gradually, the people in the opposite village, some distance away, also felt attracted by my singing, may be because of the speaker! Often I used to get claps which kept my enthusiasm in tact.

At school

At school also, classmates encouraged me to sing during lunch time etc.; we used to have citizenship training classes where also my classmates very often would prod me to sing. Once, for the first time, I sang a film song, with a mike, during the interval of a film show at the school. I was short-listed to be in a group of boys and girls selected for singing over the radio. But somehow, the final list did not include my name,


At the age of 24 I came to Mumbai in search of job. Those days I used to travel daily to VT station, go to my brother-in-law’s small general stores, write shorthand lessons there and returned to Bhandup (home) by train, along with my brother-in-law around 8.00’p.m. During the journey, brother-in-law used to give lectures on thiruppugazh bhajans. He knew many thiruppugazh songs and some how I too developed some interest and learnt many songs.

After fourteen years in Bombay, because of work, I shifted to Delhi. There during the initial few years I attended shastha pooja where also I could learn and sing a few devotional songs. Later during a trip to Sabarimala, I was really impressed by the bhajan group singing in terms of the quality and variety of songs, full of devotion. This created a strong impact on me in terms of devotion towards Lord Ayyappa and an eagerness to learn Ayyappa bhajans. The group also used to invite me for regular bhajans and I too used to get chance to sing. So attached to Ayyappa bhajans and devotion to the Lord, very often, I used to go into trance during bhajans.

Having shifted to Mumbai, after retirement, there was less activity. But some how my interest in music continued in a different way. I used to compose songs – all devotional, mostly about Devi, the goddess. The following are the songs composed by me:

Vendum varam née alithiduvai….

Ambaal, arul thara vendum née

Vanee varadhayinee

Iniyum shodhanai eno, Devi (as in Malayalam iniyum paribhavam aruthe…)

Saravana poikayil udithavane (simhendra madhyamam)

Kanavilum ninaivilum née thaane (hindolam)

Kannanin thirumugham kandu makizhnden (simhendra madhyamam)

I could also sing classical songs, by Yesudas’s, Unnikrishnan etc. once I sang at the office annual day cultural program of DOE. . On another occasion I sang at CDAC annual day cultural program. These were well appreciated.

There are now several reality shows on T.V. Like Idea Star Singer program, (Malayalam), Super Singer programs in Tamil T,V, channels and so on which I like very much and am often amazed at the singing talent of the participants.


About cvsubramaniam

Former Director, Department of Electronics & Informatiin Technology, Government of India.. Authored Book on Human Resource Management. Published 80 plus articles on HR, Management, S&T, general topics.
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