About Me

I have over forty years of experience,working in the Government of India, its autonomous bodies. Major positions held by me inckude: Under Secretary to the Government of India, Joint Director, Director in the Government of India, all in the Department of Electronics; I was holding the position of Director at the time of my retirement. I also worked as a Chief Personnel Officer in the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC), wherebI also held other positions of Centre Coordinator, Corporate Cordinator. I had the opportunity to work as an Officer on Special Duty in the Science Advisory Council to Prime Minuster (SAC-PM). Throughout my career I worked closely with several eminent personalities e.g, top scientists and Givernment Secretaries. All this gave me rich and varied experience in administration/HR/S&T and several aspects of management. Throughout I have loved my work and cintributed a great deal in all areas, and could thus’create a demand’ for my services. I have received a lot of appreciations from all my bosses.

I have a passion for writing which, during my career, resulted in a book on Human Resource Management, and over seventy plus articles in leading newspapers/magazines on HR/Management /S&T etc.

Post retirement, after a somewhat lazy and easy life, the gift of an iPad to me by my son, at the age of 74, opened up my mind again to bring out new and fresh thoughts on a variety of subjects. This blog is also a result of the second innings of ny writings, so to say. I have been cintributing HR related articles to reputed magazine ‘Peopleband Management’ published by LB associates.

An autobiographical account of my career along with some thoughts on HR (20 articles)
Has been self-published by me as a book titled ‘Seeing Opportunities Through Your Mind’ through Pothi.com. Readers can obtain print copies from Pothi.com and ebook from Instamojo.com

Any writer will naturally be interested in getting readers’ feedback/reaction /suggestions, and I am no exception. The main motive of my writing is to try to inspire the readers, particularly younger generation, by creating in them an urge to excel in their career and life. From the few feedbacks received by me, I am happy to see this taking place.

Readers can contact me by email: cvsambar@gmail.com


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